Upgrade Blog to Next.js 13.4

Shen Lu
Shen Lu
Posted on May 22, 2023
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On Thursday, May 4th 2023, Vercel released the next generation of Next.js 13.4.0, which is the stable and ready for production. So I can not wait to upgrade my blog with the new version.

App Router

File-system based routing has been a core feature of Next.js, which is stable now. There was nothing additional to configure. Just drop files inside app/ and the Next.js app router would take care of the rest. Not only defining layouts, nesting pieces of UI as layouts, but you can define not found, loading and error states.

The files structure under app/ directory in this blog:

├── about
│   └── page.tsx
├── api
│   └── views
│       └── [slug]
│           └── route.ts
├── blog
│   ├── page.tsx
│   └── [slug]
│       └── page.tsx
├── globals.css
├── highlighting.css
├── icon.svg
├── layout.tsx
├── [...not_found]
│   └── page.tsx
└── page.tsx

By the way, Metadata API is my favorite part.

For more information, see: https://nextjs.org/blog/next-13-4#nextjs-app-router